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Phil's Fitness Training System


It is called Heart Rate Performance Training combined with multiple muscle group training, and
its amazing fat loss!

The NASM Optimum performance training model system provides real results based on real science.

See how utilizing a Polar Heart Rate Monitor along with my fat busting workouts can melt your fat! Experience workouts specifically designed for you to burn the most amount of calories in the shortest amount of time! Utilize multiple muscle groups at once and feel the difference!

A typical trainer tells you, "just do cardio." Does a average fitness trainer understand that there is a difference in doing cardio and doing cardio correctly to burn calories from fat as opposed to glycogen? Not only does heart rate performance training allow you to train correctly with cardiovascular training but also with resistance training!

Heart Rate Performance TrainingBeing a Certified Heart Rate Performance Training Specialist By NESTA, I am the only one in Philadelphia Metro area that has the insight to train with this technology. Make no mistake they are not your average heart rate monitors. Utilizing multiple muscle groups at once , lets you burn the most amount of calories getting you results FAST! It is specialized training that can make a huge difference in the "just do your cardio," myth and keeping the client accountable for training!

With my expert program design and your little heart rate monitor you'll get results, PERIOD! Check out the following facts about training with a heart rate monitor from Polar.

  • The American Heart Association recommends that you use target heart rates to "measure your initial fitness level and monitor your progress in a fitness program."
  • Now you can objectively design (no math, no estimations, and no guesswork) ideal heart rate training zones.
  • Hold your clients accountable by monitoring and evaluating their progress every step of the way, and get better results.
  • Eliminates guess work and replaces it with precision!
  • Now you'll know how many calories you burned per workout!
  • It will tell you, for instance, if you are doing your cardio alone on a day you don't meet with me, if you are going too high or are too low in your zone for fat loss. The hand held heart rate monitors on the treadmills and what not are no where near as accurate as these monitors. If you are training for fat loss, don't you want to spend time doing cardiovascular training in a heart rate zone that burns fat and know it for sure?
  • Know at the end of the week how many calories you burned!
  • Its basically a little computer on your wrist that once I program it for you, it is an incredible guide! Helps me be precise with my design, evaluating your effort during our session and while you workout alone too.

In addition to Heart Rate training I offer the following:

  • Matt and Ball Pilates
  • Sport Yoga
  • Post-Rehab
  • Aquatic Fitness
  • Extensive flexibility training.
  • Nutrition Coaching
  • Wellness Coaching
  • Food Psychology Coaching
  • Obesity Training
  • Core Conditioning
  • Certified Group Exercise Instructor
  • Certified Strength Rehab Specialist if you need to train around an injury.
  • I am your Fitness Expert! Why go anywhere else? I've taken my education to the top, for you, my client! My passion, your incredible results!

Get started right now with your new body! Imagine in 8 short weeks you'll have a new body to awe your friends and delight yourself! Call Phil today at 610-574-3587.




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